Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Graduation Picture

Super late post :(

I received my graduation picture already. Unfortunately, my creative shot was missing. JBY studio, who took our picture, said that they probably misplaced it. I hope I could get it when I returned to school to get my T.O.R. and my new diploma. My diploma was misspelled so I brought it to the school for them to make a new one for me. How unfortunate was that, huh? My diploma was misspelled and my creative shot was missing. Tsk. Oh well, so much for that bad vibes. Here are my pictures:

(got this at SSCR website)
(got this at SSCR website)
scanned pic :(

These are the shots from the actual graduation, courtesy of JBY Photography. Scanned pic, so sorry for the bad quality of the photos.



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