Monday, May 2, 2011

Holy Week Haul: Scent Station and Aido Lipsticks

Black Saturday, went out with family and ate dinner at Biggs Diner in SM Sta. Rosa. (Maybe I'll be reviewing about it too) While window shopping, my urge of buying came along. HAHA!

So these are the things that I purchased:

1. C1 and C3 from Scent Station (php 100, buy 1 take 1)

I have no plans of buying any cologne or perfume because I'm totally in love with the perfume that I'm using, which is the FCUK. Until I saw this Scent Station stand in SM Sta Rosa. Just the other day, me and Jhe were discussing about the perfume that I'm using before, the Paris Hilton Just Me. He said he really miss that scent to me. I know that Scent Station have that Just Me inspired fragrance (C1) so I grabbed the opportunity to buy it. They were selling it for buy 1 take 1. Unfortunately, C1 has only 1 left. So I have to choose other scent and I chose C3. It was okay too, something flowery scent.

2. Aido Lipsticks in 9, 6 and 3

Aido Lippies in 9, 6 and 3
Aido Lipstick in no. 9
Bold lips are 'IN' this summer. I'm not a fan of orange color, I actually hate that color. But I took the chance of trying that color in make up. I looked for an orangey lippy that is not that bright and something that looks natural too, and I found it in Aido. I was in total shock when I asked the price of it. *tan-tara-ran..* It was only Php 25! O.o

It did not disappoint me at all. I'm totally loving the orange lipstick actually! So I bought other shades, the nos. 6 and 3. It was really funny and sweet for me because I bought the other 2 shades when me and Jhe went out on Easter Sunday. I even asked him if what shade is more okay. Haha! The no.3 shade is fine with me but the sheer pink (6), looked really natural to my lips. It seems like I'm not wearing a lipstick at all! And it is a no-no for me because I did not expect it to be like that in my lips.

9 (orange shade), 6 (sheer pink), and 3 (pink with a tone of brown/red)

Til my next haul :)

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