Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Official!

Last March 21, 2011 (Monday), the official list of graduating students was published. Tadah! My name is there and it's official, I'm one of the graduates this school year 2010-2011. Yey!

(credits to my schoolmate, Dhabie Japon for the pic)

It feels so good! I'm so glad that I'll be marching on April 1. After how many years of studying and hard work, and now the fruits of labor is now in my hands. I'm so thankful to God and to my parents, this wouldn't be possible without them. So I'm offering this to God, my parents, my siblings, OG, Odree and Jhe. They are my inspiration and strength as I journey towards this goal to graduate.

We had our graduation pictorial last March 8. I liked my make up and hairstyle. It was done by the official MUA of the team who took our picture. I had a loose curls which I totally loved! I want it to be my new hairstyle. So we had 3 styles of shot: toga, semi formal, and creative shot.

I'm looking forward to my Graduation day on April 1, 2011.

Congratulations, Graduates of 2011! Cheers! :)

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