Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines day isn't about celebrating our love with our partners, but it is also a celebration of  love to the people around us. Valentines day is also a traditional way to show your affection for your partners by giving gifts, cards, chocolates or goin on a date. But hey! Remember.. This isn't suppose to be done in Valentines day only. We should show our affection any day even if it is not Febuary 14.

How I celebrated the Valentines day?

Mid January 2011, I was thinking of something to surprise Jhe. I wanted it to be special and not that typical giving of gift. So I decided to look for some recipes of Carbonara and cook for Jhe on Valentines day. It would be our 5th Valentines Day celebration together. Yey!

When Valentines day came, my plans were fcked up. Our water line was broken so we don't have water. It would be really hard to prepare and cook without water. So we just ate at a pizza house to celebrate and to see each other since we did not meet last Sunday (Feb.13) because I just got home from retreat and was really sleepy. The pizza toppings were designed I LOVE YOU. But it is not that obvious because of the melted cheese, so we topped it off with a ketchup so that the iloveu would be more visible.


Pre-celeb @ Nuvali

Being with him is just simply amazing. Everyday is a Valentines day for us :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your Valentines day too. Love love love! <3


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