Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Try: KFC Cheesy Bacon Twister

Last Saturday (Feb.5, 2011), me and Jhe went to Festival Mall with my brother, Ate Greyz, Odree and O.G. After window shopping, buying a new solution for my contact lens, looking books in Power Book, searching on some  make ups and all, Jhe and I got tired and hungry so we decided to eat at KFC.

KFC is one of our favorites. Good thing about KFC is that they always have a new food in their menu. We always order the fully loaded meal with twister. So we tried the new flavor, Cheesy Bacon, but unfortunately it is just available for a limited time only. Ooooh it was really yummy. It is a combination of chicken strips, chopped bacon, and creamy cheese and the tortilla. I really enjoyed it a lot. You could taste the creaminess of cheese in every bite. I’m a cheese lover so I’m diggin’ this cheese and bacon in a wrap. I would definitely order it again.

C’mon KFC, make it available FOREVER!! LOL

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