Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Month Haul

These are the things I've purchased for this month. I'm happy with these items :)

Contact Lens from Executive Optical in Sandal Wood and Septo Care Solution

I've been using contacts for 3 years now and I always buy my lenses at E.O. Sandalwood is my color ever since I wear contacts. I would love to try other color next time :) Before, that contacts costs 1000+, and now its price ranges at 600-800. Maybe it was lessen because of the numerous contact lens available everywhere. I use Septo Care and its freakin' cheap! But mind you, it works really well as a solution.

Aido Lipsticks in Q and O and Maybelline Tinted Lip Balm

I'm soooo inlove with these lipsticks and lip balm. Will post a review about them soon :)

San San Age Defense Mascara

ELF All over Face Brush (picture on the top most part)

Lander Skin Protecting Vit. E Lotion (picture on the top most part)
I love this lotion! It's not sticky and it can easily be absorbed by the skin. It costs php150 for 1 liter. Super cheap for a big lotion like this, huh?

I will definitely post a review of these things really soon :)


  1. great picks hun! i love septo care din and lander! hehe

  2. great haul! :) shall be looking forward to the reviews. :D

  3. nice haul, are the Aido lipsticks any good?

  4. I love aido listick, affordable and pigmented siya.

  5. hi join my giveaway.

  6. Thanks Diane! :) Septo Care is super cheap noh? Pero it works good naman :)

    Thanks sugar sugar! :) Will post reviews real soon.

    Thanks Hollie! :) The red Aido lippy is very pigmented. The cheaper Aido lippies, (php 25) is not that good..

    Hi sweethestia! :) Yes, I love the red one. Super pigmented. I haven't tried the pink one that I've bought. Hopefully okay din sya.

    Hi Ritchell! Will check your giveaway :)