Saturday, September 24, 2011

18 No More + An Update

Aw! I've been MIA for a long time. I've been very busy with work. Sometimes I wasn't able to go online because I'm just sleepy. Haha :) I've been working for uhm almost 2 and a half months and it was just goood :) I'm enjoying work actually. First work + first salary  = AWESOME! :)

It was my birthday last Sept. 4, and I just turned 21. Yeah, 21.. Seems like yesterday, I just celebrated my 18th birthday. Ooh time flies sooo fast!

(sharing my pics during my debut..)

my 18th birthday :)

I was sick during my birthday, so nothing special happened that day. I can't eat so we didn't even go out. It was kind of disappointing. I have plans for that day but it was all shuttered :( I just celebrated my birthday last Sept 11, went out with Jhe in the afternoon, and had a family dinner at home. It's better late than never!

I have lots of things to share! I have to find time to post 'em all :)

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