Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life's a Beach in Galera

After the go or not-to-go conflicts, my friends and I stick to the plan to go to Puerto Galera. This was my first time to go there actually and it did not disappoint me at all even if the weather is not that sunny because of the LPA. 

Puerto Galera (Aug. 25-27, 2014)

8:00am-8:45am - meeting place at SM Calamba, then went to Turbina for a bus ride going to Batangas Pier (bus ride costs Php 84)

9:00am-10:15am - arrived at Batangas Pier. Upon arrival there will be many boat ride assistance (or barker if you must say) that will come to you. Its up to you if you will entertain them or not. But once they serviced you, they will be asking you for a tip for their service. 

We entertained 1 assistant, and he just get our names and the payment and after 5mins or so, they have your ticket. No need to go through lines. However it is Off Season that time so I guess there are no hassle of many people in getting a ticket. We got the ticket for Php 270 for a one way trip to Puerto. We were in Father and Son Shipping Line. There are 4 major points in Puerto Galera, namely Sabang, Muelle, White Beach and Balatero. Make sure that you will be going down directly on your preferred site.

10:35-11:55am - Travel from Batangas Pier to White Beach, Puerto Galera. It seems like we rented the boat because we were the only passengers at that time!

Byh. Em. Emman. Philip - On the way to Galera

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely blue green-colored beach of Puerto Galera! A lot of people were going home at that time from the long weekend holiday. The sun and water was really  inviting, but we still have to manage our lodging. There were many hotels in the beach front ranging from Php 1,500 per day for 2pax, since we are on a tight budget, we decided to look for a very affordable lodging. Hence, we were able to find RESIDENCIA DEL MUNDO, a nice fan room with 2 queen sized bed, with own toilet and bath, and a cable television good for 4-6pax. They also offer ac rooms with kitchen. The caretaker, ate Ruby, and the owner were really nice. They even let us cook in their own home. If you're on a budget, i highly recommend this place. It was just a few 5mins away from the beach.

More pictures..

See the dark sky?

Partners in Crime :)

There are other activities here in Puerto Galera like snorkeling, jetski, scuba diving, massage by the sand, tattoo/henna station. Bars are along the beach front. Bars are more alive on weekends. There is also a beautiful virgin beach and Tamaraw Falls which we were not able to visit, but two of our friends who left on the 4th day were able to go there. Some of us have to leave on the 3rd day kasi. Sayang we were not able to see the beach and falls.

Going home is not that hard. There is the Minolo Shipping Line and Father and Son Shipping Line booths near the hotels. We were able to get a ticket for Php 250 each plus the exit fee of Php 10 per pax.

Overall, the Galera experience was superb! Bitin lang talaga. We will go back there definitely with more activities :)  

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