Monday, June 20, 2011


Stiletto is a thin, long, high heel shoes mostly for women. Its name is originated from the stiletto (a dagger) .  So basically, that's where they got the idea of the heel. Wearing a stiletto heels gives an illusion of longer, slimmer and smaller foot and of course it adds height.

I love high heels. It is very sophisticated, sleek and stylish and it adds height. But I'm not that fond of wearing them simply because practicality wise, I don't want pain. Plus, I don't need much height and my bf is not that tall so when I wear high heel, I'm gonna be taller than him and I don't want it! Lol. I only wear high heels when needed. I'm more into wedge than a stiletto. Sometimes I wear wedge shoes on my civilian at school.

The last time that I wore a high stiletto heel was when my graduation. I wore a black pumps from Elegance by SM for 5 1/2 hours! I'm not used to wear stilettos specially that long time but I did not feel much pain. How? I'm going to share some tips on how to wear your stilettos comfortably. I've been reading stuff about it and my mom gave me a tip too, so I'm going to share to you gorgeous ladies! :)

1. When  buying your stiletto heel, go for the ones that has a platform on the toe part. With that, the height of the heel is lessened.
As you can see on the red stiletto, the foot is arched really high. It's very painful to look. Haha! On the black mary jane stiletto, even though the heel is really high, the height of the heels seem lessened. As you can see, the foot is not that arched compared to the red stiletto. Thus that make sense? Haha I'm having a hard time explaining. Lol :))

Thanks mom for this tip. She told me this while I'm looking for a shoes to wear on graduation. I tested a lot of stiletto heels and I really got the meaning of this tip. I was able to compare the stiletto heels with and without the platform. So yeah, I ended up buying the pumps with platform because I feel more comfortable wearing it than those without the platform.

2. Wear foot cushions. Personally, I never tried it but I think it will work since it is really used to ease the foot pain when wearing shoes. Foot cushions are available in Watson's for php99.

3. Test or practice your shoes before wearing it on the big day. 

4. Slippery surface is a no-no for high heels. So to avoid slipping, you must scuff the bottom of your shoes or scratch a sandpaper on the bottom of your shoes.

5. Sit for a while to rest your feet. As they say, Fashion is pain. If you want to look good, then deal with the pain. But don't overdo it, you may take a rest for a while or else you might suffer from cramps, muscle pain, callous, etc. Sit and rest.


I hope this could be helpful for you ladies :)
Have a good week ahead.
Stilettos are <3


  1. "The cute shoes are never the comfortable ones." ---> Read this from somewhere. Hahaha!

    I wear heels regularly. I want the--- wait, scratch that. I NEED the height. Hahaha! Nice tips!:) I haven't tried wearing cushions yet :/

  2. great tip! but im not into stilettos right a toddler to run after...LOL

  3. @Aya: Haha yeah, I agree with that.
    Thanks Aya! :)

    @DeBi: Thank you! :) Same here. I'm taking care of my niece when me and my family go out so I wear flip flops all the time. Ang hirap mag habol, haha!

  4. I love the high heels too, though they can be painful they do look like your legs can go for miles :D nice post!

  5. I want stilettos! =)


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  6. thanks for the tips... never tried wearing foot cushions. But I did wear pumps regularly on my previous company, it's true though. pumps with a little height on the toe part really helps and makes it a little comfortable to wear.