Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Celebration + Bigg's Diner

 To my mom, thanks for all. You know how much we love you :)

We had an early celebration of mothers day last May 7 because we expected that there will be lots of people in the day itself. We had a dinner at Bigg's Diner (again) at SM Sta Rosa City. After that we went to Nuvali for the Bazaar and then to Paseo de Sta Rosa.

I'm really enjoying family night out. Well, who wouldn't? :) I'm really glad that we have the time to go out, and to bond with each other. I'm just very lucky to have them! :)

momi and dadi
me and my bf. haha kidding! He's my nephew :)
our baby Odree
us :)
My dad, my brother and my nephew


Bigg's Diner became the favorite of our family. Almost every week we ate there. It is one of the resto that dad enjoyed. Their foods are superb and the price is very inexpensive. The theme of the store was really nice, a retro-ish themed.

Carbonara with Pizza bread
Bigg Deal

Bigg Deal is always my order. It has spaghetti, bbq, chicken and garlic bread then I would order extra rice. Haha! Yeah, yeah, I know. Try their Chicken Cordon Bleu and their Pot Roast, they're the best! :)

I would give 5 / 5 rating to Bigg's Diner for their delicious and inexpensive foods and the unique theme of the store. Yey!

You could check out their website here.

Belated Happy Mothers day to all your mommas and to all the mommas out there :)

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